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Keynote Lectures on 20, July at Houzan Hall
1) Andesites: their origin and the role in the Earth evolution
    Prof. Yoshiyuki TATSUMI
2) Forecasting Volcanic Activity of Sakurajima
    Prof. Masato IGUCHI
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Session List
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Session Time Schedule
Programs of sessions
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Session 1A Volatiles, fluids, and melts in magmatic and metamorphic processes
Session 1B Magma processes in crust
Session 1C Generation, transportation, and emplacement of magma in continental crust
Session 1D Insights into magma chamber processes and volcanic forecasting
Session 1E The dynamics of geothermal systems
Session 2A Volcanic tremor, seismic events and volcanic conduit dynamics
Session 2B Seismic triggering of volcanic eruptions and related activities
Session 2C High-level volcano monitoring and data interpretation
Session 2D Imaging and monitoring of volcanic activity
Session 2E Remote sensing and terrain modelling
Session 2F Stress, strain, and mass changes at active volcanoes
Session 2G Volatile tracking of magma degassing processes and volcanic eruptions
Session 2H Dynamics of volcanic processes
Session 2I Open system volcanoes
Session 2J Understanding sudden effusive-explosive transitions
Session 2K Experimental volcanology
Session 2L Structure and properties of magmatic liquids
Session 3A Ocean island volcanoes and large igneous province
Session 3B Monogenetic volcanism
Session 3C Caldera
Session 3D Evolution of eruptive craters, vents and conduits from feeding dikes, sills, and magma chambers
Session 3E Volcanic plume dynamics
Session 3F The complexity and diversity of pyroclastic fall out deposits
Session 3G Observation, theory and experiments on volcanogenic particulate mass flows and their deposits
Session 3H Lava flows
Session 3I Active crater lakes
Session 3J Carbon dioxide emission from volcanoes and tectonically active regions
Session 3K Volcano-ice interaction and planetary volcanism
Session 4A Forecasting the weather and climate effects of volcanic eruptions
Session 4B Environmental and ecosystem impacts of persistent volcanic degassing and recent eruptions
Session 4C Forecasting volcanic hazards I
Session 4D Forecasting volcanic hazards II
Session 4E Testing eruption forecast and open issues
Session 4F Responding to volcanic health hazards and volcanic ash impacts, mitigation and warning
Session 4G Recent eruption impacts and mitigation
Session 4H Databases in volcanology
Session 4I Education and Geoparks