Party and lunch
  Till July 1, 2013 On-site
Ice Breaker (July 19)
included in the registration fee
Gala Party (July 22)
included in the registration fee
Conference Dinner (July 24)
Capacity 500 persons
JPY 7,000
JPY 8,000
Lunch Box (July 20)*
JPY 900
JPY 1,000
Lunch Box (July 21)*
JPY 900
JPY 1,000
Lunch Box (July 23)*
JPY 900
JPY 1,000
Lunch Box (July 24)*
JPY 900
JPY 1,000

*Since both the time for lunch break and the number of restaurants near the venue are limited, participants are recommended to purchase box lunches in advance.

Those who wish to apply for the party and lunch should register online.

Pre-registration closed.
Ice Breaker
July 19, 17:00-19:00
Front Garden of Site A (Kagoshima Prefectural Citizens Exchange Center)
Included in the registration fee. Please wear the name tag
Gala Party
July 22, 18:30-20:30
On the Sakurajima ferryboats
(Start from and come back to the Kagoshima port, Sakurajima ferry terminal)
Included in the registration fee
There are two boats and the buses will directly go to either of the boats after the mid-conference field trip.
Participants who will not attend the field trip can join at Kagoshima port (Sakurajima ferry terminal) on 18:20. Please wear the name tag
Conference Dinner
July 24, 19:00-21:00
Hotel Shiroyama Kagoshima (4th floor, Emerald Hall)
JPY 8,000 (Please buy the ticket before 1900 on 21st July)
Bus transport service from the parking lot at the Site A between 17:55-18:45.
Please wear the name tag
and show the invitation at a reception of the dinner hall.
Dress: Casual

On-site registration is available till July 21 at the Registration Desk.
Cancellation Policy
Written notification of cancellation must be received by the IAVCEI 2013 Registration Desk () before a refund can be issued (notification by phone is not accepted). An administrative charge will be deducted from the amount based on the date the cancellation letter is received. All refunds will be processed after the conference.
Registration fee & Party fee
Before May 2, 2013: A complete refund minus a JPY 10,000 administrative charge (per participant) will be given.
Before July 2, 2013: 50% refund.
After July 3, 2013: No refund will be given.
Lunch Box fee
Before July 2, 2013: 100% refund.
After July 3, 2013: No refund will be given.
If you have any questions, please contact

IAVCEI 2013 Registration Desk
Event & Convention House, Inc.